UkeTok Online Ukulele Club - About Us

What is UkeTok?

UkeTok is an online ukuele club. Just like your local club - but online!

You can play with us, or just use our songbook and backing tracks to rock out by yourself.

We meet twice a week using Jamulus, which is a special application for live music. Unlike playing on Zoom, you can hear everyone strumming together in real time!

We also live-stream the Monday meetings as a play-along on our YouTube channel.

Our songbook app runs in a web browser and uses karaoke-style presentation to keep everyone in sync. It shows you the timing and arrangement of a song, as well as the chords and lyrics.

It includes drum backing tracks to keep everyone in time - which also makes up for the occasional, unavoidable online lag!

Playing with drums is like using a metronome (hence our logo) but quite a lot more fun!

Joining UkeTok is free! All members can use the songbook app to play along during club nights. They also receive on-demand access to a few songs via the app.

Club patrons who pay a small monthly fee get 24/7 access to the full songbook - for practice, or just for rocking out at home!