UkeTok Online Ukulele Club - Live Events

UkeTok Live Events

This video shows us hosting a session at Shrewkfest 2022, and we'd love to do the same thing at your next ukulele event!

Our live "gigs" are interactive play-along sessions - just like our online club meetings. The club - which is always open to anyone - meets to play songs just for fun, and we aim to bring the same casual vibe when we play live.

Thanks to the clever technology behind our unique songbook app, it just works!

Working in a similar way to karaoke, songs are displayed in an animated format that keeps everyone together in a way that traditional lead sheets cannot. Players can join in with confidence, even on songs they've never played (or even heard) before!

The video below was recorded at Old Riverport Ukulele Festival. Most of those present had never met before, and for some this was the first time they'd played this song - but everyone was still able to join in!

The software can be connected to TV screens or projectors, while also being broadcast to individual tablets, phones and laptops. Anyone can access it using a web browser.

If you'd like to discuss having us at your event, please contact Chris Newman via email (reply to the welcome message when you join the club) or via the Facebook page.