UkeTok Online Ukulele Club - Audio Interface Suggestion

Gear Recommendation with Audio Interface

This type of configuration uses an audio interface to allow you to connect your ukulele directly to your computer (if it has a pickup) or to attach a variety of microphones.

Compared to a condenser microphone, this equipment picks up much less background noise. It is a flexible and futureproof setup, as each component can be changed individually if you decide to invest in more equipment later.

This is my preferred way of playing ukulele on Jamulus, and it is also easy to use the same equipment for recording yourself playing - without needing to worry too much about external sounds or your room's acoustics.

However, some people will find that a single USB microphone will suit them better, as it is more compact and only needs one cable to be connected.

Prices vary daily but everything here should cost roughly £160-180 with the iRig microphone, or £100-120 with the contact pickup.